SARASOTA - Nathan Benderson Park is the site of the annual Walk to end Alzheimer's, the world's largest event in raising awareness and funds for care, support, and research for the disease. 

"Today, we're here not only to support but we're here to raise funds to fund research, programs, and help with caregivers," Alzheimer's Association's Ryan Smith said.   

The walk is represented by a series of artificial flowers, whose colors all represent different ways people have been affected by the disease. 

"If you're holding an orange flower that means you're a caregiver with somebody living with Alzheimer's of Dementia, if you're holding a purple flower that means you've lost somebody to Alzheimer's or Dementia related disease. If you're holding a blue flower, that means you're actually living with the disease. If you're holding a yellow, that means you're here for support," Smith said.