SARASOTA- Senator Lindsay Graham was on the Suncoast Friday night. He was awarded statesman of the year by the Sarasota County Republican Party. Graham was presented with the Statesmen of the Year Award from former winner Senator Rick Scott.

“If it wasn’t for Lindsey Graham Justice Brett Kavanaugh would not be on the Supreme Court right now,” Scott said.

Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham promised the crowd that if Trump’s impeached, he’ll get a fair trial in the Senate.

“Everybody in America deserves to know who their accuser is and confront them,” Graham said. “Everybody in America deserves not to be impeached by Gossip, everybody in America deserves to tell their side of the story, that’s going to happen if it gets to the Senate, and if it gets to the Senate, I’m pretty sure how this ends.”

Graham went on to recount some of the Kavanaugh hearings, saying that any Kavanaugh was the right man for the job.

 “He’s exactly who you would expect any Republican President to nominate,” Graham said. “And I told the democrats, Trump could have done like Judge Judy man, you ought to be happy this guy is actually a judge.”

Graham says the pushback on the nomination was an effort to undermine Trump.

 “The reason I voted for Sotomayor and Kagan was not because I would have picked them,” Graham said. “But because I thought they were qualified, Elections do matter right, except for him, that’s what this is all about.”

Graham says Florida will be ground zero for the 2020 fight to ensure the judicial appointments continue.

“But folks this machine you’ve created,” Graham said. “Is going to save the country, do you understand how important you are for the future of the United States in Florida, Florida and Ohio are the bedrocks of his re-election.”