SARASOTA - A historic and powerful opera, written for the children and performed by children during one of the darkest periods in history. And, on Friday, the Sarasota Opera House presented, Brundibár to a new generation. 

Students are exposed to a new perspective in an opera presentation. Brundibár, was originally performed by child prisoners inside a concentration camp during WWII. It’s a story based on an Allegorical tale of how teamwork and kindness overcome a bully. Executive Director of the Sarasota Opera House, Richard Russell, saw this piece as a great opportunity to share a message to the students through opera.

"Because of the nature of this story in particular, which is about a terrible time in human history," Richard Russell said. "And about a time when people were against each other, and were turned against each other just by their race. I think it’s a powerful message to bring to these young people that hopefully resonates with their current lives."

The opera consists of 88 members of Sarasota Youth Opera ages ranging 8  to 18. The program is made up of the original 1938 composition plus an additional prologue that promises to a powerful statement. . Stage director, Martha Collins, and Music Director, Jesse Martins, worked together to create the prologue. Jesse Martins says it is created by the works of children.

"Entirely in the words of children that were collected from diaries and letters at the time they were living through those times,” Jesse Martins said.

It’s a message, Collins says the members of the fully embraced.

"The whole cast really wanted to honor these children and tell their truth and tell their stories, and that’s very moving to me," Martha Collins said. "That it mattered to them, that they really took it seriously.”

After watching the prologue, Student, George Leibold says it opened up his eyes.

"It gave me a new perspective of our world and everything that people have gone through," George Leibold said.

The Brundibár production will be presented to the public at 7 p.m. on Friday, November 15 and Saturday, November 16 the Sarasota Opera House. For more information, visit the Sarasota Opera website.