SARASOTA - Plans have changed for Payne’s Skate Park. What was said to close on November 15th, will now be open over the weekend. The City of Sarasota has plans for future operations of the park. The City’s lease with the current operators of the park, Sk8skool, expired on November 14th. Currently, park go-ers pay a small fee to enter, but, may change. Parks and Recreation Director, Jerry Fogle, says there are a couple of options they’re exploring.

"One of those options would be to gate it and open it up free for the public to utilize it," Jerry Fogle said. "We’ll still open it and lock it daily. And then another option would be to basically staff it and continue with the same operational hours that are currently happening. What I’d like to see is that it be free. I think that’s the key, that’s the most important thing for us, is that it’s free.”

A City Commission meeting will be held in the evening on Monday, November 18, to discuss the future plans of skate park operations. The meeting will be at City Hall at 6 p.m.