SARASOTA -“We don’t hurl epithets at soldiers anymore. We respect them. When I came back from Vietnam we received none of the support that these young guys that are in the Middle East are getting," says Troy Scott.

Retired Colonel Troy Scott served 30 years in the Army.

"I don’t think civilians understand how much discipline we put into a person," says Scott.

Scott is passionate when it comes to issues surrounding veterans, like reentering the workforce.

“They’re trained for it, they’re dependable, they’ll work, they know to show up on time and they’ll do anything that you tell them," says Scott.

Retired U.S. Marine Corps Lt. Colonel Ron Wozniak says lessons he learned in the military are still relevant.

“It’s definitely integrity. As an officer you’re very much disciplined as far as leadership goes," says Wozniak.

Wozniak says he understands the sacrifice of war and emphasizes showing our troops support is imperative.

“I know when the first Gulf War came around and they started talking about get your wills in order and everything else with your life, everything seemed to be pretty petty," says Wozniak.

Together the two are bringing attention to the needs of veterans through the Military Officers Association of America.

"Well we’re the third largest chapter in Florida. We promote legislative issues to help the active duty, the retired and the veterans and their families," says Wozniak.

Scott and Wozniak say MOAS latest mission of sending care package overseas matters.

"Getting anything from home is always very warming," says Wozniak.

To learn more about MOAS' Sarasota Chapter click here.