SARASOTA -She is a World War II veteran living on the Suncoast. Her message to females serving in our military today is simple yet profound.

Vivian Abalan takes the fact she is 95 and a half years old seriously. Almost as seriously as she takes trailblazing a place for women serving our country more than six decades ago.

“I went in November 1944. You had to be 20, and you had to have your parent’s consent. See when we went into the service it was to relieve the fellas to go into combat and real active duty and there was so much else to be done. After a while they started appreciating us," says Abalan.

By us, she means the Women’s Army Corps.

Abalan would go on to serve on several Army bases.

“Each base was something different. I was at the hospital taking all the crash calls when someone was coming in injured or deceased. I worked in the base adjunct office. I had some nice flights, I was in the nose of a B25," says Abalan.

As Abalan recalls her time in the WAC, the impact it made in changing her life’s purpose is evident.

“Your mind is more trained. And when I got out, I formed a chapter of the Women’s Army Corps," says Abalan.

Abalan remains an active member of the American Legion in Venice.

This veteran’s views on women serving in our armed forces today is both humbling and inspiring.

"How lucky they are. They have everything at their disposal," says Abalan.