SARASOTA - Though he was born in New York City, Duhane Lindo thinks of the Suncoast as home. You’ve seen his face on television for more than a decade, but only some of us are actually fortunate enough to know Lindo off screen.

"As a reporter and anchor you’re pretty straight laced; you don’t have any biases," Lindo said, "but one thing that you don’t know is how much I loved this community.”

His passion for Sarasota and its people light up his stories. Lindo worked closely with Newtown Activist and Civil Rights Leader Dr. Edward James II before he passed away last year.

“Whether it was the black community, Hispanic community here, he wanted to make sure everyone was treated the same way," Lindo said.

Lindo told us all what we needed to know, which isn’t always easy.

“Unfortunately you had stories you had to cover that were on the negative side," Lindo said.

He says Jabez Spann is a name that will always stick with him.

“I've interviewed many of the family members, specifically Jabez' mom and his grandmother. They were distraught," Lindo said. "You form a bond with the folks you speak with on a day-to-day basis or a weekly or monthly basis.”

He’s moved on to Orlando to work for the American Red Cross, but he says he'll always come to Sarasota to visit.