SARASOTA - Ending hunger one bowl at a time.  All Faiths Food Bank holds the Bowls of Hope event every year. It returns to Ed Smith Stadium as one of the largest family-friendly events in Sarasota. 

It's a reminder of the empty bowls they hope to fill to end hunger. More than a thousand people showed up to help support the cause.

"We're just so happy to be here on this beautiful day," Annette Williamson said, a guest of the event.

"It's gorgeous out and nice to see all the community pulling together and tasting everything that everybody has to offer," Noreen Dowling said, another guest of the event.

The idea is for local craftsman to make bowls for guests to purchase. The money helps support All Faiths Food Bank's mission to end hunger. CEO of All Faiths Food Bank, Sandra Frank, says it's a lofty and noble goal.

"We know in this community, we have a lot of work to do. In order to end hunger," Sandra Frank said. "So this is part of our effort; engage the community, give them an opportunity to make a difference one–on–one, and change the lives of so many people."

More than 40 restaurants participated in the event, volunteering their time and food.

"Every single food item inside of the event is donated 100 percent," Sarah Firstenberger said, Co-chair of Bowls of Hope 2019. "So, all those restaurants are here today showing their support for All Faiths Food Bank and also showing their support for the community as well."

"Supporting the hunger, I mean that's a great thing to do," Ricco Cintron said, Camden Catering vendor. "You know, a lot of people out there are hungry and stuff like that. And all the donations, it's a good cause."

And guests get to keep the bowls.

"I have jewelry in bowls, I use it for food, I just adore the bowls," Williamson said.

"And I've given them as gifts to my mom because she really enjoys them too," Dowling said.

Frank looks forward to the event every year.

"I love this event, I really love this event," Frank said. "And I love that people are here. It's a joyful experience as you look around you, there's lots of smiling faces in the sunshine."