PORT CHARLOTTE - Neighbors are on edge after a jogger was attacked near Ollie's Pond Park. Dave Smith, whose daughter lives in the neighborhood is shocked.

"I haven't lived on this street, but I've lived in Charlotte County for 45 years," Dave Smith said. "And I ain't ever seen anything in an area like this happen like this. This is a first."

Residents say the area is typically active,  but it's not today.

"This park is never empty like this, this is very unusual," Smith said. "There's people here from sun up to sun down that are walking their dogs."

Deputies say yesterday's attacker grabbed the jogger from behind and tried to drag into a wooded area.

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office Spokesperson, Katie Heck, says during the investigation, they discovered a similar interaction may have happened about two weeks ago.

"Thankfully, we've been able to make contact with that woman as well, this morning," Katie Heck said. "So, our detectives are still working on getting a formal statement from her, but it does appear that she interacted with this same suspect."

Now they know the individual has been in the area more than once.

"So, in both of those cases, there was kind of an unpleasant encounter," Heck said. "But, it's likely that this person might also just have been in the area in the past two or three weeks and just engaging people in conversation. And if he's out of the ordinary to that neighborhood of the runners and walkers, people may have had interaction with this person when he was not wearing a mask."

Heck encourages residents to report anything unusual. If you have any information on this crime, you can contact Detective Cox in Major Crimes at 941-575-5361.