SARASOTA- Sarasota Medical Center hosts its first free health fair, Saturday.

The medical center has been serving the Suncoast for more than 20 years, offering physical therapy, chiropractic, family and immediate care. 

Residents were invited to meet health care providers on the Suncoast and receive free screenings, including, mammograms, blood pressure, vision, and hearing tests. Tom Athens says after hearing about the health fair he jumped at the opportunity to get a few free screenings as should others who may not have immediate access to health care.

"Well I knew they were having a health fair, let me go in and get screened and see if I had any issues or concerns that I needed to take care of,” said Athens.

Chiropractors, massage therapists, Choice Diagnostics and Bowes Imaging Center were also available on-site.

"We are a small town type of practice but we've grown, but we need to give back," said Sarasota Medical Center's COO, Mark McKinley. "We want to make certain we keep our community as healthy as we can. Doing this kind of outreach each year is only going to get bigger and better and we are going to reach more people as we move along."

Dozens of people took advantage of the opportunity. Staff at Sarasota Medical Center hope they can make this annual event.

"We feel that it was something that we wanted to give back to the community by offering some free screenings to see if there are any services we can provide at a later date for somebody who may not normally go to a doctor,” said Dr. Joaquin Aristimuno.