VENICE - Carol McCloud is the author of 2006's "Have You Filled a Buckey Today?" She's explaining to the Venice Elementary students the idea of "Filling Buckets" which means staying positive and filling up your own bucket with qualities like kindness, forgiveness, and self control throughout your daily life. 

“I am one of those volunteer readers and truly honored to be here and especially excited that this message is being carried to so many children and teachers and families throughout this area," McCloud said. 

McCloud is one of 150 volunteers reading "bucket filler" books for up to 25 different schools on the Suncoast for Embracing our Differences. 

“We are really thrilled to have dedicated volunteers who are going into the classrooms today at 25 elementary schools throughout Sarasota County and reading to 3,000 students these really incredible books about the importance of kindness.," Embracing Our Differences' Sarah Wertheimer said. 

"I mean, embracing our differences is really while we’re here and yes, our books have been out and they are around the world but to reach a concentrated group in a small area so that kids are actually teaching their parents “hey mom, did I fill your bucket today, so," McCloud said. 

Wertheimer believes "filling buckets" rubbed off on the young adults. 

“What we want kids to understand is that your actions and your words are so important and really do have an impact on others so we want kids to think about that before they speak and before they interact with other people," Wertheimer said.