SARASOTA - "I don’t think any of expected the outcome that we got yesterday,” said Save Our Celery Fields volunteer David Johnson.

In a unanimous decision Sarasota County Commissioners voted Wednesday night to save quads near the Celery fields. County Commissioner Christian Ziegler says this is a big win for the county.

"Sarasota County is no surprise that there’s development going on, people want to move here," said Commissioner Ziegler. "Homes are going to be built, development is going to occur, but it is important as we are going through that process we look at green space that we can protect.”

Ziegler says the Celery Fields are a gem to Sarasota and though each county commissioner has different views of opinions all can get behind to preserve one of the last pieces of green land in the county.

"We have our beaches which are fantastic, we have Myakka which is great and some of our others parks but really those Celery Fields is a unique land there that needs to be preserve,” said Ziegler.

Johnson, Save Our Celery Fields volunteer, says the group was shocked over the unanimous vote but is glad three of the four parcels won’t be touched by developers.

"What it means for us is that those lands will be preserved and we don’t have to worry about industrial use, we don’t have to worry somebody coming along and building a dump. Polluting air, and sound and the water with god only know what,” said Johnson.

Johnson says the real winners are the residents of Sarasota who have come to make the Celery fields a local landmark. 

Save Our Celery Fields has pledged to improve the northeast quadrant that has a storm water pond that helps with drainage to surrounding areas.