BRADENTON - Kelli Whitehead’s family say the Bradenton woman is fighting for her life after being diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis.

“I believe she got it on the beach, Anna Maria beach. She came home, had a little red mark on the back of her leg, she thought she pulled a muscle," says husband Robbin Whitehead.

It turned out to be much worse.

“Big blood blisters, all over her leg. They end up cutting her leg off. The bacteria was eating up into her stomach, into her abdomen. From there, she’s been critical ever since afterward," says Robbin.

Robbin and his family have been by Whitehead’s side at Blake Medical Center’s ICU.

Whitehead's son Ronald Jerome says he’s in a state of disbelief.

“I’m not getting back in that water. It’s just so bizarre that you think, it couldn’t happen to me or anybody else, there’s just no way," says Jerome.

Jerome says his mother would be in total shock to know what is happening.

“She likes going to the beach to enjoy herself. I mean she doesn’t know the gravity of the situation because she’s been asleep, she’s been under ever since all this started," says Jerome.

Now Whitehead’s family find themselves waiting for answers nearly three weeks after that fateful day they say she sat in the waters of Anna Maria Island.

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