NORTH PORT- According to the North Port Police Department, officers discovered an illegal tattoo room inside of a North Port home. 29-year-old Matthew Clemens was arrested after officers found the tattoo room as well as cocaine marijuana, prescription pill and drug paraphernalia. Captain of the investigations bureau, Scott King says Clemens used to have a license to tattoo, but officers are still investigating into whether he is currently licensed.

“There were illegal needles, and narcotics laid out throughout the house and different rooms. Once inside the house, there were also dogs and kennels, the house was not very well kept as far as health concerns for doing tattooing with needles, said Captain King, “We did partner with the Department of Health, they came out and assisted with us during the search and they located a lot of evidence that gave us a background into the biohazard concerns that we have at the house due to the nature of the needles and everything that was not cleaned up properly."

Florida Department of Health’s Fatima Conteh says getting a tattoo from an unlicensed artist can lead to serious health concerns.

“Infectious pathogens that live in the blood like HIV and hepatitis can easily be transferred from one person to another or even from a dried blood stain on a needle or some form of equipment to another person," said Conteh.