SARASOTA - Officials say two bridges in south Sarasota County will be undergoing much repairs needed repairs.

Officials met with residents at the Jacaranda Public Library Wednesday night to discuss repairs on the Albee Road and the Manasota Beach Road Bridges. The project looks to extend the life of the bridges by 15 years as routine maintenance is needed.

The plan for the bridges repairs have already been approved and will result in the bridges being temporarily closed.

"Part of the work that we are doing is we’re actually replacing all the wiring to the control system and the motor controls," said Structural Group Manager for Hardesty & Hanover James Englert. "So during that period when all the wiring removed the bridges will be inoperable. So during that time we’re looking at a closure of that bridge to traffic for possibly 30 days.”

Construction for the Albee Road Bridge is expected to start around the fall of 2020 while repairs to the Manasota Beach Road Bridge is expected to start some time of 2024.