SARASOTA - Sarasota City Commissioners puts the kibosh on the Selby Gardens expansion.

After months of debate, city commissioners voted late Tuesday night to deny a comprehensive plan including Selby's  controversial parking garage and rooftop restaurant. The vote was 3–2 to defeat the a $92 million Marie Selby Botanical Gardens construction project. Mayor Liz Alpert and commissioner Hagen Brody were the two who voted in support of the parking garage. According to the Herald Tribune, the vote was welcomed by the Selby's neighborhood opponents. The public meeting was into its second day as nearly 100 more residents spoke.

Along with the garage and rooftop cafe, the master plan also was designed to grow garden space by 50% within the existing footprint.

In order to do that, city commissioners needed to agree to rezone the area and update the city's comprehensive plan. A supermajority was needed in order for that resolution to pass.