SARASOTA- Sarasota County School Board has voted 4-1 to give Bowden notice of possible termination or suspension without pay. It was a very emotional day at the School Board with hundreds coming out to call for the termination of Todd Bowden.

It’s been a long road for Cheraina Bonner who first came forward with her complaints of harassment in April.

“I’m still numb,” Bonner said. “It meant a step in the right direction for me, I’m happy to see that the board at least went into that step.”

Discussing the topic left Board Member Bridget Ziegler in tears.

“It’s an emotional topic,” Ziegler said. “It’s been an emotional time, it’s been long,  over 6 months, it’s a topic I think everyone is passionate about for obvious reasons.”

The board voted 4-1 to give Superintendent Bowden a 30 day notice of a potential termination or suspension. Caroline Zucker was the only dissenting vote.

“My biggest thing is ensuring the confidence and support of this great district,” Ziegler said. “And it’s evident that there has been a complete erosion of confidence, and I think that’s where we are today.”

 “Im really concerned about the next come forward if people are going to be scared to come forward,” Robinson said. “If people are going to be scared to come forward there is a sense of intimidation and harassment that needs to stop.”

After 30 days the board will need a supermajority vote to suspend or terminate Bowden.

“If he continues to not take responsibility,” Robinson said. “For his actions, and instead blames the victim for her actions then clearly there needs to be a change, but again it’s ot this one particular instance, there has been a pattern of ongoing behavior.”

The Board will meet again on December 10th to discuss Bowden’s future.