SARASOTA - Modern machinery meets masonry at International Artistic Stone in Sarasota.

Craftsman here are working on a cross poised to become a religious landmark icon downtown.

International Artistic Stone representative Scott Pintchuck says the intricate artwork made for the newly renovated Church of the Redeemer on Main Street is a project 6 months in the making.

"That will be a fabulous piece downtown. It’s going to be an 8 foot cross on a 3 foot base standing twelve feet in the air in the courtyard," says Pintchuck.

Pintchuck says the facility is equipped with exclusive cutting edge equipment which compliments even the most creative venture perfectly.

“In fact it all starts with the vision from the church and what they want themselves. Because of the robot that we have here, that thing has seven axis points. It can carve a cross like that and can put details in," says Pintchuck.

The cross will be hand polished and fine-tuned before becoming a permanent part of the Church of the Redeemer.

The project which Pintchuck says costs around $30,0000 dollars to complete is a high-profile example of the true artistic touch behind the company’s work.

“So it comes from somebody’s mind to a mason in a stone factory like ourselves that can create that, and nobody else in our area can do this type of work," says Pintchuck.