SARASOTA - This money comes from a "ripple effect" of visitors coming to the park for multiple reasons. 

"We bring events to the park, those park events bring in participants and spectators that are coming in from out of town and thus those individuals come and they have money with them and they stay in hotel rooms, they eat at restaurants, they shop at stores, and all of that has a positive impact on our community and therefore that's how it's done," NBP's Suncoast Aquatic Nature Center Associates President Steve Rodriguez said. 

The park is the frequent home to multiple large-scale sporting events like World Rowing Under 23 Championships which brought $6.1 million in impact and the US Rowing National World Championship which brought an additional $7 million. 

"So, NBP is a strong location for various sporting events because it is really one of a kind in both the U.S. and the world. Obviously, it's primary use is rowing and we've hosted the Under 23 World Championships this summer but we also do a dragon boat, triathalons, and a lot of other events out there," Director of Sports for Visit Sarasota County Shelby Connett said.