MANATEE COUNTY - It’s a staple wardrobe item for most women, a go-to little black dress.

Volunteers with the Junior League of Manatee CountyJunior League of Manatee County are wearing out their LBD’s, for five days straight, in the name of making a difference.

All you have to do is follow their button’s directions and ask why.

“It’s a really good conversation starter and this year is our first year in Manatee County doing our fundraiser. We are focusing on poverty awareness and what the Junior League of Manatee County does to help with issues that are related to poverty awareness," says member Elspeth Spransy.

Junior League of Manatee County corresponding secretary Margi Dawson hopes to shed light on a large scale issue plaguing parts of the Suncoast.

“44% of our residents are really struggling on everyday cost of living. 11% of that number actually live in poverty and in Manatee County women they make up the largest group of people living in poverty," says Dawson.

Advocates of the LBD initiative are calling on the community to make a difference by donating toward their fundraising goals.

“It’s also about social activism. This will go toward programming to help educate families on nutrition, good activities on health and other programs that we do here on Manatee County," says Dawson.

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