SARASOTA - In a sea of pink, the philanthropic women of Impact 100 SRQ present their two grant finalists with a lot of green.

$114,000 dollars each, to be exact.

The organization’s inaugural year came to a head Sunday as The Haven and Mothers Helping Mothers were chosen out of 84 applicants to receive the massive grant furthering their missions.

Impact 100 SRQ chapter president Jane Watt is inspired by the way women on the Suncoast embraced the charity’s unique model.

“It’s going to be life changing, not only for our two recipients but there’s value in being a finalist for Impact 100. Because simply look at all the women that now have heard of their missions, of their needs," says Watt.

She says the return on investment from members’ contributions is powerful.

"Who can turn $1000 into $228,000 that is making a huge impact. It’s about bringing women together, and lifting up our non-profits in a way that has never happened here in Sarasota and Manatee County," says Watt.

Or globally for that matter, as Impact 100 SRQ clinches history as the third largest launch within the organization.

With a successful first year under their pink belts, Watt is certain of one thing.

“We can make an impact," says Watt.

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