SARASOTA - Mi Pueblo Mexican Restaurant and Cantina have an authentic "ofrenda” otherwise known as a shrine for patrons to learn about the popular Mexican tradition.

Customers are able to decorate their own handcraft sugar skulls and spirit animals among other activities traditional to the Mexican holiday. Event organizer Gina Caro says this allows residents who are far from home get to celebrate this long lasting tradition.

"Traditionally in Mexico they prepare a lot of food and they spare no expense because they believe that the spirits will bless them in return," said Caro. "There’s a lot of Mexican places here that have tacos and tequila but we wanted to make it more of a cultural significance so people can learn about the beauty of Mexico.”

Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico November 1st and the 2nd and is meant to honor loved ones who’ve passed away but remain close to their families’ hearts.