SARASOTA - The world’s largest bounce is here on the Suncoast for a limited time.

Big Bounce America holds the Guinness world record for being the largest bounce house in America stretching 150 feet long. Kids of all ages can bounce around in a ball pit, run an obstacle course, and try to solve a maze all within the bounce house.

The excitement is not just for the kids however teens and adults can also jump in on the fun.

“Well it a big deal, I mean it’s a big deal that we have the world’s biggest bounce house; it just brings fun to the area, it brings more fun to the park," said Doug Jessmer, spokesman for Nathan Benderson Park. "There’s never a dull moment her at Nathan Benderson Park anyway, there’s always something going on so to have this it’s just a hoot. It’s just going to be a great time for everybody.”

Tickets range in prices depending on your age and the time for kids and adults to bounce around are split into three hour blocks. The bounce house will be at Nathan Benderson Park Saturday and Sunday. For more information visit The Big Bounce America.