SARASOTA- Sick of changing the clocks twice a year, you’re not alone. Congressman Vern Buchanan wants Sunday to be the last time people move the clocks back an hour.

“A lot of people I think are dreading to go back to that time on Sunday,” Buchanan said. “So it gives us a good opportunity to get our message out there.” 

Buchanan says an hour of sunshine can have a big economic impact in Florida.

“January, February, March when it gets dark at 5:30,” Buchanan said. “And you happen to have a restaurant up and down Main Street here in Sarasota or Manatee County, yeah it’s a big issue.”

Continuing to change the clock can also lead to cardiac issues, stroke and seasonal depression.

“It’s not good for overall general health,” Buchanan said. “Especially I was reading an article today, about teenagers, it affects them, they end up with about 3 and hald hours less of sleep a week so it affects them.”

Buchanan says if the bill makes it to the floor it has a good chance to pass.

“I don’t know of any opposition,” Buchanan said. “I just think it’s going to take more energy, time and effort, and this is an opportunity this time of year to get it out and get more momentum on the bill.”

Florida’s Legislature already passed a bill to make Daylight Savings Time permanent, it’s just waiting on federal approval.

“We’ve surveyed it ourselves,” Buchanan said. “In our district it’s a 90% issue, people would really like to see this get addressed and addressed quickly.”

The bill has also been introduced in the Senate by Senator Marco Rubio, but so far there has been no movement on the legislation.