CHARLOTTE-  New Charges in the Charlotte County Home Invasion that left a teenager dead while trying to protect his sister.  27-year-old Ryan Clayton Cole is now being charged with 2nd degree murder and burglary with battery, five weeks after 15-year-old Khyler Edman died during a home invasion.

“Time was on our side,” Sheriff Bill Prummell said. “He was in our custody, we knew he wasn’t going anywhere, if by chance he was getting out, we were prepared to charge him.”

Cole was being held at the Charlotte County jail without bond.

“So we were able to build a stronger case and get much of our evidence processed,” Sheriff Prummell said. “This does not mean the case is over, our detectives and crime scene personnel are still working hard.”

Charlotte County Sheriff’s office Bill Prummell says they analyzed the evidence as fast as the could.

“I did authorize the use of a private lab,” Sheriff Prummell said. “To expedite evidence getting back as our state labs are backed up.”

Prummell says this was a random attack.

“We’ve heard the rumors that there may have been some type of relationship,” Sheriff Prummell said. “And we’ve looked into that and we’ve found no evidence that there was any type of relationship between Cole and the residents there at that house.”

Sheriff Prummell says they are still investigating the motive behind the attack.

“We know that he was in the area for most of the day,” Sheriff Prummell said. “There is a residence over in that same neighborhood that is a known flop house, and it looks like he was there for most of the day, he was spotted in that area, but we didn’t get our first call about his suspicious activity until 4 O’Clock that afternoon.”

If anyone had information about the case you can call crimestoppers or the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.