BRADENTON - Bradenton Police need your help finding a killer. Last Friday, the Department released surveillance video footage from the murder scene of Michael Briles on the night of October 17th. Since then, the department still has not received a single tip in the case. 

"A lot of times what you get in the community is people seem afraid. People are afraid to come forward with information even though they know it's the right thing to do. That's why we're partnering with our friends at crime stoppers. You can do it anonymously through crime stoppers, you can do it through our own anonymous system which is crime tips at," Bradenton Police Capt. Brian Thiers said. 

Briles last worked for a Five Star pizza location in Bradenton and is sorely missed by his co-workers as well as friends and family. 

"What I know is that we're told by his family, what we're told by the witnesses on scene and the people we interviewed as well, his roommates, things like that. A lot of his personal life, that's his personal life. We're going to leave it at that. What we're looking at is Michael Briles was murdered and we're trying to find out who did that, Thiers said.