SARASOTA COUNTY - Black voters and other critics complained about using a redistricting map drawn by a GOP operative convicted of a political dirty trick. Nonetheless, County commissioners voted 3-2 to advertise two redistricting maps for a public hearing in November.

Of the two maps chosen for final consideration, the Bob Waechter map is the most controversial. Waecther submitted it anonymously, but admitted that he drew it after being questioned by the Herald-Tribune. Waechter was convicted of a misdemeanor for making donations to Democrats on behalf of a local Republican, ostensibly to undermine her prospects in a GOP primary.

Commissioner Al Maio noted that no matter which new map is chosen, some voters who would have cast ballots in a commission race in 2020 under the current district map will have their vote delayed until 2022. African American leaders slammed the Waechter map, saying Newtown residents will have their voting rights infringed on if they don't get to cast ballots in 2020.