SARASOTA - Hundreds of kids and their parents attend the 5th annual Trunk or Treat at the Robert Taylor Community Complex. Several vendors transformed the trunk of their cars in spooktacular fashion and handed out candy.

Marketing Coordinator for the City of Sarasota Parks and Rec Monique Budelman says trunk or treat allows for a safe place to get a head start on Halloween. "It’s a quicker and safer way of getting kids candy, so they don’t have to go house to house they can go trunk to trunk. And all of these vendors and sponsors out here are all volunteers,” said Budleman.

Budleman says her favorite part of the event is seeing all the smiling faces. "All the kids and all their faces they’re super excited when they see all the candy and all the trunks,” she said.

The treaters also got a play area to run off all that sugary energy, as well as receive cotton candy and snow cones and of course all the candy their bags could carry.