SARASOTA - It’s not always easy to find parking in the city. In July, Sarasota rolled out new parking districts with pay stations and mount meters.  A new parking app, ParkMobile, came out alongside the updates. It’s a remote pay-by-phone application that allows you to pay for metered parking wherever the app is available. Sarasota Parking Division Manager, Mark Lyons, says it makes it really advantageous for people to get out around Sarasota and the region.

"When there’s paid parking, you can use this app, skip the meter, get right into your space, and go onto your business," Mark Lyons said.

So, whether you're going to work or a restaurant, it doesn't take long.

"You just go to those places and pay while you’re walking or while you’re sitting down waiting for your meal," Lyons said. 

To set it up, you register the app, accept the terms, add your license plate number, and make sure you select the right zone. You can find the zone numbers on the app, the signs, and on the machines in the area. From there, you choose your duration of time and pay for your spot. And when the time for your spot nears, the app notifies you on your phone

"So you can either get back to your car or you can add more time wherever you’re at; makes it really easy,” Lyons said. 

To get more information on how to use the ParkMobile app, you can visit