MANATEE COUNTY- As kids suit up and hit the streets looking for tricks and treats, Manatee County Sheriffs is making sure they don’t go knocking on the wrong door. Every year, deputies’ check in with more than 500 registered sex offenders in Manatee County to make sure they are in compliance with Florida State Statutes.

“We use this as an opportunity right before Halloween to remind registered sex offenders they don’t need to be out there handing out candy, or in any way attracting kids to their homes," said Manatee County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson, Randy Warren.

Warren says the 3 day operation ensures registered sex offenders are properly registered, following state laws and county ordinances, as well as the rules of their probation.

“They know we are coming around to check on them," said Warren. "They’re not surprised when we show up on the door as you can see in the video, they’re expecting that. They’re very cooperative, they understand the rules of their probation and they know, if they break those rules, they’re going back to jail.”

Although deputies are taking a proactive stance, they’re also warning parents to be aware.

“Always accompany the kids; you never know what can happen," said Warren. "There are plenty of opportunities for people to take advantage of small children, just don’t put them in that situation, and supervise them.”

You can check where registered sex offenders live by searching the Florida Department of Law Enforcement database.