SARASOTA -- You would be hard pressed to find a better match up throughout the entire state Tuesday night.

“I know that is game everyone is going to be very excited, people around the school everyone is talking about the game. It is really special for us,” Sophia Hritz said.

Cardinal Mooney, the 10th ranked team in Florida. Bishop McLaughlin ranked 16th.

“Everyone is dialed, everyone is excited about playoffs. We all know it is a different season right now we are just ready to get after it see if we can get through this game and get the next one,” Chad Sutton said.

If you are wondering whether or not the Cougars are up for the challenge, all they did was finish the regular season with the third toughest schedule in the country!

“We wanted to play as many teams outside of the state as we could that would be as good, or better as our competition leading to states,” Sutton said.

Senior Captain, and SNN Student Athlete of the week, Sophia Hritz is extra busy come playoff time.

“I can’t wait for the game, but then I watch film throughout the week and it reminds me I have that to focus on then I have school to focus on too,”

We can’t talk Mooney volleyball without giving some love to the Cougar Crazies, and the energy they bring to JM Patterson Pavilion.

“They are just as excited as we are, and it is just super special to know the whole school is behind us. It is really great to see them all come out to the games,” Hritz said.

 “It’s just great to be a part of a community, and a fan base that is fully supportive that is excited to come to the games, excited to be in costume or theme,” Sutton said.

Hritz doesn’t want the ride to end.

 “Go as far as we can and be with them as long as I can,” Hritz said.