SARASOTA - Sarasota County leaders want you to think “new year, new carts,” as they join forces with The Recycling Partnership to help simplify recycling.

Beginning around November 1st, the County will distribute new blue rolling recycling carts to be used in the program.

"There will be one cart per household and residents will not be billed for the new cart as it is already included in their annual non ad valorem assessment," says SCGOV outreach program coordinator Wendi Crisp.

Sarasota County officials say a total of around 100,000 carts will be delivered.  Collection service for the new single-stream recycling program is slated to begin the first week of January.

"Each cart will come with a welcome packet that will include what is and isn’t recyclable, a short list of frequently asked questions and a magnet that residents can keep inside their home reminding them of what can and cannot be recycled," says Crisp./

She says the old red and blue recycling bins can be returned to Sarasota County’s chemical collection centers, or kept and repurposed. Waste Management will introduce 27 new collection trucks which use a robotic arm to lift and empty the carts.

“The actual purchase of the carts is 6.2 million dollars. Waste Management is bringing 5.6 million dollars to the contract to help pay for the carts. We have an addition 632,000 as being provided by a grant from The Recycling Partnership which is paying for the rest of the offset for the cost of the carts," explains SCGOV solid waste collections manager Brian Usher.

Crisp says Single-Stream Recyclers facility will take the materials to separate and process. The County says collection days will remain the same.

Visit SCGOV for more information on the upcoming program.