Season,  tourist season, snowbird season, whichever name you choose to apply, foot and car traffic are about to get real. It's likely that the number of visitors will increase, but overall revenue will probably go down this year.

According to the Herald-Tribune, this year follows what was possibly the worst October through December ever for Sarasota County. Last year, red tide camped out for months in the Gulf of Mexico. While, It didn't stop snowbirds from coming, it definitely kept people from staying, and significantly hurt tourism and businesses along the coast.

Those effects bled into 2019. Summer tourism in Sarasota suffered as a result of what, according the paper,  Visit Sarasota County described as a "red tide hangover," and bad PR. Collections of the tourist development tax, were down nearly 3% in June and more than 4% in July, but increased by almost 25% in August.