SARASOTA - Dancing on the Suncoast, a ballroom dance studio, host their annual Autumn Showcase featuring a familiar face.

Students and their dance instructors showcased their talent on dance floor performing a Tango, Waltz, a Foxtrot and much more. Owner of the dance studio Patrick Johnson says a lot of the students start of dancing as just a hobby but soon discover their passion for ballroom dancing.

"I think people are really watching other good dancers in the studio they sort of, why can’t I be like that, and that’s the beginning of them starting to perform,” said Johnson. 

SNN’s meteorologist Marco La Manno was one of the students to take over the dance floor. "A lot of work goes into it. I mean we’ve been practicing for several months now for these two minutes basically that we are doing and her it is!” said La Manno.

Johnson says no dance background is needed and classes are open for anyone that are interested to learn how to dance.