SARASOTA - Tropiflora’s 19th Annual Fall Festival kicks off three days of plants and art.

Hundreds of people attended the first day of the festival to see and buy the hundreds of species of plants available. Operations Manager Scott Lockhart says record numbers sales were made early Friday.

Vendors from all over the country brought their exotic plants. Lockhart says you don’t need a green thumb to take a flower home.

"We have a lot of vendors, lots of helpers, lots of volunteers that have doing this thing their hole life’s so there’s hundreds of years of experience," said Lockhart. "If you have questions , any questions at all, we’ll  be happy to answer them and we’ll walk you through it. Everyone is going to leave with a green thumb when they’re done with us.”

Lockhart says you can find several tropical plants that will thrive in Florida’s environment. The Festival opens Saturday from 8-5 and Sunday from 10-3.