SARASOTA- Congressman Vern Buchanan votes for a resolution opposing president Trump's decision to move U.S forces out of Northern Syria.

The troop withdrawal has been heavily criticized by leaders on both sides.
While Buchanan joins the bipartisan rebuke towards President Trump move, pulling U.S troops out of Northern Syria, Congressman Greg Steube says Trump made the right call.

Buchanan says he believes the U.S needs to be active and involved in Syria.

"The president doesn't want to have to be involved in these conflicts around the world, and be the world's policeman. We still need to be active and engaged there. We need to rely more on Turkey to make sure there is a ceasefire there so we can move in that direction and find a way to make sure get the situation calmed down and more peaceful in the region.," said Buchanan.

Shortly after Trump's decision, Turkey attacked U.S allies, Kurdish forces in Syria.