SARASOTA - Rock Steady Boxing a nonprofit giving people with Parkinson’s, hope to live an improved quality of life certified coaches to work with people battling the disease in getting up and active.

"If you have someone or know someone, a family member, a neighbor who has Parkinson’s encourage them to fight back because there is hope,” said trainer Kane Henneke. 

28 coaches and trainers from all across the country traveled to Title Boxing in Sarasota to become certified in helping those battling Parkinson’s find an outlet for their disease through boxing.

"Inherently boxing offers balance, reach, dexterity, foot work, hand eye coordination but obviously a very good workout for your core and your legs," said Henneke. "Those are all the things people suffering from Parkinson’s actually suffer from.”

Henneke, Head Trainer at Title Boxing and Owner of Rock Steady Boxing Sarasota, says boxing helps those with Parkinson’s fight back against the disease but also give them hope of a better quality of life.

"Moreover it helps with confidence when you’re boxing you have a sense of well-being." said Henneke. "Your serotonin is lifting up, you feel good about yourself and what you’ve done and you’ve just done a great workout. All the while you’re around all of your peers who also have Parkinson’s disease.”

Brooke Schudlich an occupational therapist from Jacksonville works at retirement community and got certified to bring Rock Steady to her community and to the many seniors with Parkinson’s.

"What I’ve learned is the balance and the increased gait stance and coordination and so many core, posture – so many areas that I think they’ll benefit that will keep them upright and safe  and slow down the progression of the disease,” said Schudlich.

Henneke says it takes a while to go through the steps of certification but Rock Steady Boxing Sarasota is here to help in getting that process started and in return help those battling this crippling disease.

 Henneke says the process to get certified starts with a month long online course followed by a test and finally attending an in class course with trainers already certified.