VENICE-  Two Good Samaritans looking to spend a morning on the water saved an 81-year-old woman trapped overnight in a slowly sinking car off a Venice Boat ramp.

A Harrowing Night for a Sarasota Woman after her car got stuck on a Venice Boat Ramp.

The video from a neighboring business shows the car entering the boat ramp and sliding in around 10 PM last night

“She was trapped and couldn’t get out of the vehicle,” Shawn Carvey said. “So she was there overnight, nobody saw her go in, nobody called 911.”

Rescue didn’t come until the next morning.

“A kayaker and paddle boarder were putting in at Higel Park,” Carvery said. “One was a retired firefighter from New York, and they saw the vehicle with about 8 inches of rooftop sticking out, and a partial window crack with a hand sticking out.”

The two men knew what to do; they called the fire department and jumped into action.

“We’re four to five minutes away,” Carvey said. “Get us rolling in those 4 minutes so we get there and then go in the water, but make sure the scene is safe first so you don’t become part of the scene, but what those people who helped her were heroes.”

Fire Chief Shawn Carvey said she’s lucky to be alive.

“The odds are definitely stacked against her,” Carvey said. “When you look at being in the water that long for over 10 hours you could get hypothermia, dehydration, also drowning, so she’s very fortunate considering to walk away from that.”

Venice Police are still investigating how the car got stuck on the ramp.