SARASOTA - Suncoast residents will soon have a new recreational trail to look forward to. 

 “The objective is to complete 2 ten foot paths. Each path will be on either side of John Ringling Boulevard. It’s the long-term objective of the city to complete this portion of the MURT and eventually what it should do is take you from downtown to St. Armand’s on a coherent, single bicycle path so making it easier to go back in forth," Assistant City Engineer Dan Ohrenstein said. 

The plan was adopted nearly 14 years ago by the city commission and will cost $1.89 million with around $830,000 funded by a FDOT grant. The new trail will eventually connect to the Legacy Trail and commuters can expect some limited closures as work on the project starts. 

“There will be some traffic impact in the beginning of the project. Working with the contractor we’ve been able to reduce the amount of time so that it should be a closure on the outside lane for safety purposes for when they’re working on that part of the project through end of November early December," Ohrenstein said.