SARASOTA - Imagine having all your favorite Suncoast shops and restaurants under one roof…well the annual Taste of Sarasota allowed residents to do just that and more.

"We just love Sarasota,” said Anne Frame. "Sarasota is where we live and we love it,” added Michael Murphy.

The 28th annual Taste of Sarasota brings more than a dozen Suncoast vendors under one roof for residents to truly experience a taste of what Sarasota has to offer.

"I think it gets a lot of people to try a lot of different restaurants that they haven’t been to,” said Vivian "Sarasota Sally" Kehrer.

 Kehrer and Donna Powell organize the event to give locals a chance before season starts to get to know some of the local shops right in their backyard.

"This is a good time for everybody who isn’t so busy quite yet, cause season hasn’t started, its puts some business in their restaurants and at their places of business,” said Powell.

Murphy and Frame, Sarasota residents, says they’ve each uncovered hidden gems on the Suncoast thanks to the event.

"Well we’ve enjoyed it before and the food is always good and we enjoy all the restaurants in town so why not support them here too," said Murphy. "And it’s a great price you can’t beat it,” said Frame.

Kehrer says the event reminds locals to always shop and eat local.

"A lot of people don’t know about these vendors and they’ll use their services and that’s what brings everybody together, a nice community event,” said Kehrer.

Powell says some of the proceeds of the event go to four different non-profits on the Suncoast.