SARASOTA – A new type of therapy can help give you natural energy and fight cancer. The DaSilva Institute & Sarasota IV Lounge believes in being proactive when it comes to your health. Their approach is a holistic medical practice with natural supplements that boost your immune system.  

"We practice a field called functional medicine,” the owner of the institute, Tina DaSilva said. “Which, is getting to the root cause of why people are sick, rather than treating the symptoms. The great thing about practicing natural medicine is that everything that we give to people is found in your food, that typically we should be eating.”

It is believed that hormones could affect whether or not you get breast cancer.

"There is so much literature out there that describes how high estrogen women are at an increased rate of breast cancer,” Tina DaSilva said. “And that’s serious, so we want to get you hormonally balanced.”

When fighting breast cancer, you undergo chemotherapy. The process can make you feel like you have low energy.  But IV therapy can help reverse that effect.

"It actually has been shown in the science to kill cancer cells,” the head nurse, Arielle Bennett said. “While keeping healthy cells alive and vibrant. Vitamin C actually becomes hydrogen peroxide within the cell, which the cancer cells are unable to tolerate and so they die off.”

Since the IV goes straight to your bloodstream, the effects happen almost instantly. 

"We’re trying to boost their immune system up, so that they’re own body can get all fired up and fight the negative attacks,” Tina DaSilva said.

If you’re really sick its encouraged to go to your physician first. But, there aren’t many negative effects to be concerned about. Here at the IV lounge, they really seek to make the experience is a cozy one.

"I didn’t want patients to feel like they were in an environment where they were sick,” Tina DaSilva said.

"For those of you that are scared of needles. It’s actually not that bad. They told me that these are one of the smaller needles that are inserted into your body. It’s quick, easy, and painless.

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