MANATEE COUNTY -The concept behind business models like Uber and Airbnb is hitting our Suncoast waterways.

Anchor is launching their yacht-sharing company in Sarasota making access to yachts on-demand for almost any budget.

“Absolutely, we certainly are in the sharing economy is what we call it. Yacht owners are essentially sharing their favorite toy with the world. Anchor helps provide safe and licensed captains and crew for that boat as well as any other amenities and services that a yacht owner would have access to as well," says Anchor CEO Zach Hatraf.

Hatraf developed the company after he tragically lost his best friend in a drunk-boating accident. His loss remains a founding pillar of Anchor’s focus on vessel safety.

“Safe not only vessels, but captain to go out with, boats that are well kept and properly maintained. To me being on the water here is a lot better than being on land. It’s like the most beautiful part of our area, I think this gives everybody access," says licensed captain Aaron Batten.

Hatraf says Sarasota is prime charter options as much of our inventory is sitting unused. He puts the yacht vacancy rate at 92%.

“It’s just a smart way to utilize your asset when it’s not being used. Anchor allows anybody to become a yacht owner for a day. So yachting is not new to Sarasota, but it certainly is a new way to kind of access that service instead of having to outright purchase a boat," says Hatraf.

With Anchor’s motto being own the experience, not the yacht, Hatraf hopes to change the boating game not just on the Suncoast, but everywhere.

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