SARASOTA - Transition Sarasota, a nonprofit dedicated to shifting food consumption to local sources, kicks off the 2019 Eat Local Week with a special seminar about food waste.

"We started eat local week to kind of bring the community together and draw more attention and excitement in a fun way to educate around food issues in Sarasota," said Rebecca Brey.

Brey, Executive Director of Transition Sarasota, has been working hard for the past couple of months with her team organizing the 9th annual Eat Local Week that encourages Suncoast residents to shop and eat local produce as part of the transitional movement.

"The beauty of the transition movement is that it’s really flexible," said Brey. "It is taking a look at addressing climate change and the things that we see going wrong in the environment.”

This year’s Eat Local Week focuses on food waste and how communities can reduce their waste and benefit from using all the nutrients from the food they buy or cook.

"As someone who works really closely in communities and is experiencing seeing food waste a lot, both food scraps and food that can be eaten, it feels like part of our responsibility to also educate people on the source of food waste,” said Tracey Troxler.

Troxler, Executive Director of Sunshine Community Compost, spoke to dozens of people about how we can reduce our food waste and use up all the scarps to not let food go to waste.

"We make sure edible food doesn’t go in the compost bin but also just become part of this bigger movement of all these things that are interconnected,” said Troxler.

Troxler says food waste is all connected in helping our environment and our wallets.

"It’s an interconnected and multilayered issue so food waste in not just at the consumer level" she said. "It’s through starting at the farms, it’s through the processing and packaging, it’s through distribution, it’s through restaurants and supermarkets all the way to the consumer.”

Both Brey and Troxler hope people get an understanding that exploring food waste is not only good for our environment but also for our health.

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