VENICE - According to Florida Highway Patrol, Paul Gonyon was driving his Ford Explorer southbound on I-75 and approaching Jacaranda Boulevard. 

Jay Vaughn was driving his Toyota Camry directly behind the Explorer and, for unknown reasons, Gonyon ran off the roadway to the left. 

The Explorer overturned and came to a final rest in the grass median. Vaughn took evasive action to avoid a collision, ran off the roadway, and came to a final rest against the overpass bridge on Border Road. 

"When you're on the interstate, you're already traveling at a high rate of speed, 70 miles per hour, so, when you take evasive action you have to remember how quickly you are moving and if you move quickly and you yank that wheel, it's going to do things that you do not want it to do," Florida Highway Patrol's Kenn Watson said.