SARASOTA - Mote Marine President and CEO Dr. Michael Crosby announced a new partnership with his organization during a conference Tuesday. 

"This is a great partnership that we were announcing today between Mote Marine Laboratory and Enzymedica, both local companies here in Florida and a lot of similar kinds of culture to our organization in terms of both being very entrepreneurial, both caring deeply about our environment and health and well being of the environment," Dr. Crosby said.

Enzymedica is selling their Aqua Biome Fish Oil product with money collected going to help Mote Marine clean up the coral reef. 

"It's a line of fish oil products that we had been working on the science and the research on it for several years and it was a perfect opportunity for us to partner together with Mote and we're doing it on a national level so every time a consumer buys a bottle of our Aqua Biome products we are directly donating dollars into Mote's reef restoration project," Enzymedica's Scott Sensenbrenner said. 

Enzymedica has established an arbitrary goal of raising $250,000 from the Aqua Biome bottles. However, Mote Marine Lab's Dr. Crosby says it would take millions of dollars to fully improve the condition of the coral reefs. 

"It is going to take millions and millions and millions of dollars. Unfortunately, there is no one source and it takes us all coming together as a global family to really support the restoration of these vital resources," Dr. Crosby said.  

Enzymedica wrote Mote Marine a separate check Tuesday to get closer to their goal. 

"Today, we wrote another check to them. We're over $65,000 since we launched this in March this year and it's our goal to really be a continuous partner with Mote Marine for many many years to come because it's going to take a lot more dollars to help them accomplish their goals," Sensenbrenner said.