MANATEE COUNTY-Hundreds in the medical field donate their time and talent to serve the under-served and uninsured on the Suncoast. Doors opened at 6, Saturday morning, as crowds waited to be seen by physicians, optometrists, and dentists. Student Dental Leader for the University of Florida- RAM contingent, Summer Young says this weekend is a labor of love.

“It’s really just a giving of your heart," said Young. "We are servants of our community and I feel like UF has a really great batch of students that really feel that way.”

From cleanings, to restorations, to extractions, Young and every volunteer medical professional at RAM Clinic see patient after patient, until each one walks away treated.

“It can be overwhelming at times to see so many patients who have gone without care. You know, different circumstances get in between them and healthcare. It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming to see us be able to help them," said Young.

This is RAM’s 5th year visiting Bradenton, and have served more than 4,000 people, with the value of care totaling $1.6 million, but Young feels the patients do more for her than she does for them      

For the patients, a relief, but for the volunteers it’s about helping others.

"I think that the most innate thing that we can do as human is to help one another," said Young. "I think that healthcare really enables people to have that giving spirit to do that. I think that’s why most of the reason why most of us went into the dental field.”