SUNCOAST (WSNN) - When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie it is not amore. It's an illusion. The full moon may look huge this weekend, but it's just that, an illusion.

While the moon, dubbed a hunter's moon this month, doesn't become precisely full until Sunday evening, it will appear full enough Saturday when it breaches the horizon. The phenomenon is called the moon illusion, and one theory is that the moon looks bigger closer to the horizon because you are seeing it in relation to other items around it, such as trees and buildings.

According to research by the Herald Tribune, the moon illusion is one of the oldest psychological tricks known to humankind. The rising moon is actually 1.5 percent smaller than when it's overhead because you are looking across the radius of the Earth when the moon is rising.

This weekend's full moon is the first full moon of autumn, and follows September's harvest moon, which is closest to the fall equinox.