SARASOTA - "This is sort of a symbol of how gigantic our work really is,” said President and CEO of CAN Community Health Richard Carlisle.

An iconic building in Sarasota is now the new home of CAN Community Health national headquarters. More than 100 people toured the nearly 22,000 square-foot facility located on 4440 Fruitville Rd. to get a first glance look at the future of CAN.

"When I came here it was this small little company now look where we are,” Bob Trisolini.

Starting his career with CAN 19 years ago Trisolini, Chairman of the Board, says words can’t describe how proud he is of the non-profits growth looking back from their first location on East St. to now.  

"Back on East St. we were just dealing with AIDS and HIV we have now grown way beyond that, and we have over 300 employees, doing the job of what was probably in those 10 or 13 people,” said Trisolini.

The new headquarters will house corporate and administrative functions under one roof to coordinate the more than 30 clinics across Florida and the expansion to eight other states and soon Puerto Rico.

"By having standards of care and having the divisions working together in a national fashion we can better organize,” said Dr. Laura Armas, Senior VP of Medical Services. 

The search for a new headquarters for Carlisle, CEO & President of CAN, began almost two years ago. He says as a modernist he wanted to save an iconic building that’s part of the history of Sarasota.

"You know it was very important for me personally to be in a building like this and our employees absolutely love this space,” said Carlisle.

The design of the headquarters has a place for the staff to mediate and take care of themselves as they help take care of others. Carlisle says CAN Community Health is also starting operations in the state of Arizona to open clinics in the foreseeable future.