MORAY, SCOTLAND (WSNN) - One of the most storied names in the whiskey game is trying something new. Check out these scotch whiskey pods from Glenlivet.

The alcohol is encased in edible capsules made from seaweed, but the company ensures the public that it delivers the perfect flavor-explosion experience with no glass required. The Twitter-verse has been intrigued, and not just a little bit freaked out, because of the uncanny similarities to the Tide detergent pods. The Tide pods have been newsworthy for unsavory reasons as teens around the world were ingesting them, and then posting videos of their hijinks on social media. It became a viral un-sensation because many were rendered sick, injured, and some even died.

The whiskey pods are are not expected to have that effect. They are a limited edition phenomenon as part of Glenlivet's three different cocktail rollout in its "capsule collection" for London's Cocktail Week festival. The pods are not available in the U.S. yet, and may never be.