SARASOTA - Hallelujah! Sarasota City Commissioners are trying to shorten the length of city meetings.

Tuesday, for the third time recently, Sarasota city commissioners spent most of their time talking about why so many of their regular sessions seem to run behind schedule and long into the night, according to the Herald Tribune.

Regular commission meetings are advertised at six hours, broken into afternoon and evening segments,  but of 18 such sessions, a third have lasted longer than eight hours. The May 20 meeting, concerning the Sarasota Orchestra's attempt to build a performance venue at Payne Park, ran for 12 hours and five minutes.

Commissioners show concern that their long meetings take a toll on city staffers, who must report to work the next morning, and on citizens, who often sit for hours waiting to speak on matters they care about.

City Manager Tom Barwin offered to compile a list of time–saving options for the  commissioners.